About Versatile

Versatile has shaped modern farming as a leading manufacturer of tractors and tillage equipment. We were the first company to mass-produce articulated four-wheel drive tractors back in 1966, starting with the D100 and G100. Over the years, the Versatile product line has evolved but the same durability, reliability, and ease of service and maintenance that defined our legacy remains as strong as ever.

We are committed to producing quality products that stand the test of time. From research and development through engineering and production, we are focused on the needs of farmers and delivering equipment that you can rely on for years to come.

Today’s lineup includes articulating four-wheel drive tractors from 405 to 620; tracked units from 530 to 620; fixed-frame front-wheel assist tractor models from 175 to 365; as well as a complete line of tillage equipment.

  1. 1966

    Versatile Founded

    Versatile was the first company to mass-produce articulated four-wheel drive tractors, starting in 1966 with the D100 and G100. Those groundbreaking tractors were primitive by modern standards, with a 6-cylinder diesel or 8-cylinder gas engine producing 100 horsepower. 1966 models sold for less than $10,000.

    Versatile in 1966

  2. 1972

    New Logo

    Versatile in 1972

  3. 1977

    Sold to Cornat Industries Inc.
  4. 1980

    New Logo

    Versatile in 1980

  5. 1987

    Sold to Ford New Holland
  6. 1993

    Ford New Holland becomes New Holland

    Versatile in 1993

  7. 2000

    Sold to Buhler Industries Inc.

    Versatile in 2000

  8. 2007

    Sold to Combine Factory Rostselmash Ltd.
  9. 2008

    The Versatile name returns

    Versatile in 2008

  10. 2009

    Self-Propelled Sprayers

    The strategy to offer a full line of Versatile-branded products started with the acquisition of a self-propelled sprayer line. The factory in Willmar, Minnesota, had been in operation since the 1960's and had produced sprayers and fertilizer equipment for such brands as Willmar, Spra-Coupe, and Redball. The simplicity and design of the Redball self-propelled sprayer was a natural fit with the Versatile product line.

    Versatile in 2009
  11. 2010

    Buhler Versatile USA Inc.

    The 130,000 sq. ft. (12,077 sq. m) Willmar, MN, USA facility, purchased by Versatile in 2010, produces the self-propelled sprayer product line. This huge facility has a long and diverse history of application equipment production dating back to 1964. Within the facility product is conceived, engineered and fully fabricated and painted for the efficiency of a mixed model assembly line production. A range of Farm King branded products are also fully produced in this same corporate owned facility. All products are then delivered to many destinations of North America and also exported as RO/RO or containerized to several countries.

    Versatile in 2010
  12. 2011

    Precision Seeding and Tillage

    Versatile enters the Precision Seeding & Tillage market after acquiring Ezee-On Manufacturing of Vegreville, Alberta, with a 20-year history in air drill and air cart manufacturing and more than four decades in the tillage industry. New independent shank air drills featuring mechanical shank linkage and ALIVE technology were introduced in 2013 and the new Viking vertical tillage tool was introduced in 2016.

    Versatile in 2011
  13. 2012


    The 490 hp Class VIII RT490 was designed to be rugged, reliable and simple to maintain service. At the core of the Versatile RT490 is the revolutionary Rotating Concave Rotary System (RCR360). A 360 concave wraps around a large rotor and counter-rotates. Three separate "pinch points" are created during each rotor revolution allowing the grain to be threshed three times in each rotation.

    Versatile in 2012
  14. 2013


    The debut of the Versatile DeltaTrack. Featuring leading-edge Camso track technology and designed as a purpose-built track machine, the DeltaTrack was an immediate success, solidifying Versatile's place in the track machine market. The DeltaTrack name is derived from the Greek "Delta", meaning four, represented by a triangle, the strongest geometrical shape in nature.

    Versatile in 2013
  15. 2016

    Marks 50 years of continuous 4WD production
  16. 2017

    New Paint Scheme
    Versatile in 2017
  17. Moving Forward

    In a continuing effort to realize the vision of becoming a full-line equipment manufacturer, Versatile is committed to developing new and innovative products, as well as improving upon existing technologies. Further investment in production, engineering, research and development is part of an ongoing effort to maintain and improve the product offering and market share.

    Versatile Moving Forward