Versatile introduces new 2018 Four-wheel drive / DeltaTrack Models

Torque Optimization Increases Drawbar Pull up to 15%
July 18, 2017

Ag in Motion (near Saskatoon, SK) – The 2018 Versatile four-wheel drive and DeltaTrack includes new models with more horsepower and torque, new features and available options. The Versatile factory will soon begin production on the highest horsepower tractor built in Winnipeg with the new Versatile 610, available in four-wheel drive and DeltaTrack.

New 2018 Versatile four-wheel drives and DeltaTracks feature the latest in Cummins Tier 4 Final engine technology, an integrated Cummins after-treatment and turbo that increases torque and fuel economy compared to previous generation engines.

New planetary axle ratios and changes to the engine and transmission software result in up to 15% more torque in the DeltaTrack and up to 7% in the large frame four-wheel drive. This provides more pull at the drawbar by putting more power to the ground. New weight packages can be integrated into the rear frame without interfering with drawbar visibility while allowing for optimum ballast.

The largest cabs in the farm equipment industry are on Versatile tractors, and a suspended cab is now available on large frame four-wheel drives and DeltaTracks. The DeltaTrack features the most advanced track suspension system on the market and, combined with the new cab suspension system, offers a superior ride and operator comfort while protecting the tractor from shock using the multi-axis bogie technology from Camso.

New for 2018

Narrow-frame Four-wheel Drive

Two new models are available for 2018 including a 430 and 460 horsepower, representing a 15% increase in available power compared to previous models. All narrow frame four-wheel drives are powered by the Cummins QSG12 and use a Cat TA19 16-speed powershift transmission.

Model 380 (375 HP)
Model 405 (400 HP)
Model 430 (430 HP)
Model 460 (460 HP)

Large-frame Four-wheel Drive / DeltaTrack models

The new Versatile 610 will be the largest production tractor in the history of Versatile. Large-frame four- wheel drives and DeltaTracks are powered by the Cummins QSX15 and use a Cat TA22 16-speed powershift transmission.

Model 520 (520 HP)
Model 570 (570 HP)
Model 610 (605 HP)

Production of new 2018 models begins in October 2017.


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Versatile, a division of Buhler Industries Inc. (TSX: BUI), is the only Canadian manufacturer of agricultural tractors. The factory in Winnipeg, Manitoba covers almost 700,000 square feet with complete manufacturing and assembly capabilities and full research and development facilities. For more information on Versatile tractors visit