AC Series Air Cart


Versatile Air Carts are available in both tow-between and tow-behind models. Air carts range in size from 315 bu to 390 bu. Accurate seeding results are achieved no matter what type of seed is used.

Model AC315 AC400 AC600
Configuration Tow behind
Peak HP 315 bu. (11,100 L or 8.4 tonnes) 390 bu. (13,743 L 10.5 tonnes) 646 bu. (22,700 L or 17.6 tonnes)

Monitoring System

Versatile Air Carts are available with either mechanical or variable rate set-ups.

Flash Monitor
Viewing all air cart functions from in the cab is critical to ensure trouble free seeding. Digital application rates, fan rpm, area per hr/field/season and ground speed can all be viewed by the operator while seeding. Bar graphs for each bin level are controlled by 4 bin level sensors to allow operators the ability to plan ahead for fills.

In-Cab Rate Control Monitor
An In-Cab Rate Control Monitor allows the operator to adjust the metering rates on-the-go from the tractor cab. An Electric Actuator located on each variable speed transmission increases or decreases application rate.

Clutch Control
All models feature heavy-duty Warner 12 volt electromagnetic clutches as standard equipment on both the main drive and each individual tank. The main drive clutch can be either manually controlled by the operator, or in placed Auto mode.

Blockage Monitoring
This option provides an operator with the ability to monitor the flow of product from the cab and will create an alarm if a hose should become plugged. The Optical Blockage Sensors do not rely on contact as competitive pinstyle sensors do, which can result in plugging.

Unique “Monitor Down” feature
All models feature a fully mechanical metering drive system that allows the operator to continue seeding even if a complete monitor system failure has occurred. Versatile does not recommend operating without a monitoring system, however instances can arise when this emergency mode is necessary. This important feature can prevent costly down time.

Air System

Simple, accurate seeding results start with an air delivery system designed for dependable, consistent results.

Distribution System

Versatile offers single and double shoot capability as standard equipment. Simply moving two levers per primary run changes the air cart from single to double shoot. Adjusting the air plenum in front of the fan completes the process.

Single / Double Shoot

While double shooting, product from the rear tank travels through the bottom set of hoses and product from the front tank(s) travels through the top set of hoses. To single shoot, simply flip two levers per primary run and product from the rear tank is directed to the top set of hoses and mixes with product from the front tank(s).

Pressurized Lid Seal

Accurate product application is dependant on maintaining constant pressurization within the tank. This unique seal uses air pressure from inside the tank to provide a consistent seal against the lid.


A 13" (330 mm) Crary fan is dynamically balanced and highly efficient. This fan develops sufficient air volume to allow for double shooting large application rates.

A 17" (432 mm) fan delivers large volumes of air at slower speeds, minimizing seed damage. The efficient use of air flow allows the operator to single or double shoot sizeable application rates with a single fan.

Metering System

An easy to use mechanical metering system allows for consistent accurate metering of all seed types.

Metering Roller

(Limited Lifetime Warranty) Versatile Air Carts feature polyurethane, fluted metering rollers. Not only is changing rollers unnecessary when switching from one product to another, but this design also ensures a constant flow of product.

Range Sprockets

Each metering roller is equipped with a range sprocket cluster that eliminates the need to change metering rollers when switching from one product to another. This adjustment is completed in a few seconds and no tools are required. The metering drive is shear bolt protected.

Main Drive Transmission

Metering transmissions are powered off the left rear wheel, therefore application rates remain constant even when increasing or decreasing ground speed. The air cart’s implement width can be set by installing two applicable sprockets on this transmission.

Metering Housing

Each metering housing has a built-in stone trap to collect foreign material such as small pebbles and fertilizer lumps etc. that have passed through the tank screen. This feature eliminates possible jamming of the metering system or premature roller wear.

3-Step Rate Test

Rate tests can be time consuming, but not with Versatile Air Carts. The air cart monitor calculates and displays each application rate setting: therefore no charts, decals or calculators are required.

Step 1: Input desired application rate into monitor.
Step 2: Crank out product sample into rate pan, weigh product and input weight into monitor.
Step 3: Install displayed Quick-Change sprocket combination (Mechanical Systems). Zero-Max transmission (Variable Rate Systems) will position itself.


The simple design of Versatile Air Carts allows you to spend less time in the yard and more time in the field. Easy to fill, easy to adjust and easy to clean out the air carts maintain the simplicity you expect from Versatile.

Removing product from any tank compartment is as simple as positioning the auger under the tank and then opening the total tank cleanout door. Versatile has designed the metering roller system so operators can conveniently inspect the roller when tanks are either empty or full.

Fold down railings and a low tank height allow for off-season storage in sheds with less clearance. A large platform with a ladder on each side, provides convenient access to the top of the tank.

Tank Openings
Large 22" x 26" (559 x 600 mm) tank openings provide operators with faster filling times. The adjustable over-center lid locks maintain positive air pressure within each compartment. Tank screens are standard to keep out unwanted debris.

Automatic Work Switch
Included as standard equipment, this industrial switch will engage and disengage the main drive clutch automatically when lowering or raising the seeding implement. A manual position is also provided to give clutch control to the operator.


An 8" (203 mm) diameter load/unload auger is standard on all air cart models. A larger 10" (254 mm) diameter auger is optional for models AC280 and AC400. Balanced for a one-man operation, the 8" auger will fill 315 bushels in 7 minutes.

Bottom / Top Auger Controls

All models feature both top and bottom auger controls as standard equipment. Spring-loaded controls automatically return to neutral position when not engaged and provides the operator with full Forward / Neutral / Reverse functions.

Auger Lock

Augers feature an adjustable locking mechanism. This secures the auger to the air cart for transport. The additional safety strap is provided to secure the auger should the transport lock accidentally unlatch.

Auger Swing Lock

This lock prevents the auger from moving once it is placed into 1 of 3 positions. This feature is helpful when filling on sidehills or on days that are exceptionally windy.


Engine Drive Fan

Available on models AC215 and AC315, the engine drive fan allows for air seeding with tractors that have limited hydraulic capacity. The gasoline powered 27 hp Kohler engine provides sufficient air volume and pressure to double shoot up to 40' (12.2 m).

Rear Tow Hitch

All models can be equipped with an optional rear tow hitch. This clevis style hitch is designed for towing liquid fertilizer wagons or NH3 tanks.

Quad Axle

Designed primarily for controlled traffic farming this 3m Quad Axle is available for all air carts. This Bolster style axle is designed to oscillate 10 degrees up and down.

Safety / Work Lights

Work lights are available for all air carts and provide additional illumination while seeding at night.

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