Versatile CBX

Versatile CBX


Analyze data, reduce downtime and increase efficiency with Versatile CBX. Owners can monitor their tractors remotely with real-time results. Information includes where units are, how they are being operated, fuel levels, maintenance alerts and more. Access to this information allows farmers to assess their equipment, plan ahead, and take control of decisions to get the most out of their tractors.

The Versatile CBX system securely shares relevant equipment information. This communication makes it possible for owners and dealers to fully understand issues, be more responsive, and have a clearer picture of machine history. This results in quicker service and solutions - reducing and preventing downtime.


Features & Benefits

Increase Efficiency

Keep equipment running strong and stay on top of regular service with Versatile CBX. Use tractor history to view upcoming and past maintenance schedules, and keep an accurate log. Take the guesswork out of equipment management, plan ahead and increase uptime.

Reduce Downtime

Farmers can use the Versatile CBX system to securely share relevant equipment information if an issue occurs. Dealerships can use this technology to understand the situation more fully and quickly find an effective solution, resulting in less downtime.

CBX Display

Real-Time Communication

The CBX system can be accessed from a phone, tablet, or computer – any device with a Wi-Fi or data connection. Be in the know with real-time email and text message alerts about key tractor issues. Set-up custom alerts to track what matters most.

CBX Display

Easy to Read Display

Monitor each piece of equipment remotely including history, mapped location, idle time and fuel level. The user interface features an organized visual display that avoids clutter and creates a clear picture of machine status.

Knowledge is Power

Having better information means making better decisions. By tracking and evaluating equipment performance owners have more control over their own success. By securely sharing information with business partners, the dealership, and Versatile, tractors can be better supported in the field today and development can be improved for the future.