Nemesis Models 175-255

Versatile Nemesis

The Versatile Nemesis is built with productivity in mind. These mid-range tractors are truly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from mowing, baling, material handling and field work. Top-of-the-line features and options include the largest cab in the industry, an advanced hydraulics system and choice of CVT or powershift transmission. The five Nemesis models are the 175, 195, 210, 235 and 255.

Models 175 195 210 235 255
Engine Cummins B6.7 (Stage V)
Rated HP 170 190 210 230 250
Peak HP 195 215 220 260 272


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Having better information means making better decisions. The Versatile CBX system can be used to monitor equipment history, mapped location, idle time and fuel levels. The CBX system securely and instantly shares relevant equipment information if an issue occurs. This technology makes it possible to fully understand the situation and quickly find an effective solution, resulting in less downtime.


Cummins B6.7

The Nemesis is powered by a reliable Stage V compliant Cummins B6.7 engine that features the latest in diesel technology. The engine is known for maintaining torque for long periods of time and when working through unexpected tough spots in the field. The award-winning Cummins VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) is proven to be one of the most reliable turbo designs in the industry. The optional reversible engine fan results in improved fuel economy and better airflow across the cooling package, reducing horsepower requirements.


The Nemesis features one of the most reliable and easy to operate transmissions in the industry. Operators can choose between a ZF powershift (175-210 only) or CVT; selecting the transmission that best suits their specific needs.

Powershift The ZF powershift transmission balances power and productivity. The auto-shift feature allows for set rpm and ground speeds without constant input from the operator. The Intelligent Range Shift (IRS) quickly reaches optimum working speeds resulting in less operator fatigue by offering full speed matching (30 forward and 15 reverse). The ZF powershift comes standard on the 175, 195 and 210.

ZF Powershift Transmission

CVT Stay in continuous control with a CVT from ZF. The transmission can be easily operated using the command lever or foot throttles. The high-low adaptive speed selections are programmed to meet the needs of various jobs and applications around the farm. The CVT is standard on the 235 and 255, and optional for the 175, 195 and 210.

ZF CVT Transmission


The largest cab in the segment offers unmatched visibility with 74.05 sq. ft. (6.87 sq. m) of window glass and ample legroom. Enjoy the convenience of a multi-port power supply located at the rear of the cab-post, including outlets for monitors, USB style chargers, and a 115-volt AC outlet for laptops or other devices. The optional suspended axle and semi-active suspended cab achieve a smoother, quieter and more enjoyable ride. Optional leather seating package provides the ultimate operator experience.

Cab Features

  • Comfort Controls The intuitive layout of personal comfort controls enhance operator experience. The radio controls are conveniently located next to the A/C controls, heated mirrors, and exterior light panel.
  • Storage Stay organized with convenient storage spaces and device holders located throughout the cab. Additional storage options are located behind the training seat.
  • Sunroof The fixed glass sunroof provides a clearer view of the loader during operation. The sun shade can be positioned to reduce the amount of radiant heat coming into the cab if the sunroof view is not needed.
  • Steering Column The steering column incorporates many functions for better mobility such as tilt and telescoping adjustments. The operator display also seamlessly provides essential tractor information and important warning systems.
  • Radio Depending on the options selected, the tractor will come equipped with an AM/FM radio with CD and MP3 or optional satellite radio with CD, MP3 and USB. Satellite radios require either an XM or Sirius satellite radio subscription and antenna.
Nemesis Interior

Everything at Your Fingertips

Take charge with a clear user interface and easy-to-use armrest controls. The command lever is built into the armrest and allows the operator to manage key tractor functions with ease. The logical layout of the armrest and command lever seamlessly combine key equipment functions such as headland management, 3-point hitch control, auto-shift and auto-steer engagement.

Versatile Multi-Function Armrest


Enjoy added flexibility and use a wide range of attachments with the standard rear 3-point hitch and PTO as well as the optional front 3-point hitch with PTO.

Rear 3-Point Hitch

Rear 3-Point Hitch

The rear 3-point hitch is engineered for quick and simple engagement and can be easily operated using the armrest controls. The rear hitch on the 175, 195 and 210 has a lift capacity of 15,543 lbs (7,050 kg). The rear hitch on the 235 and 255 has a lift capacity of 16,314 lbs (7,400 kg) and optional lift capacity of 19,400 lbs (8,800 kg).
Rear PTO

Rear PTO

The rear PTO system features an ECO mode which reduces engine rpm to increase fuel efficiency. The standard and ECO mode selections are conveniently located on the right rear corner. The size of the standard PTO is 540 rpm (1⅜", 6 spline) and 1,000 rpm (1⅜", 21 spline) with a larger 1,000 rpm (1¾", 20 spline) upgrade available.
Fromt 3-Point Hitch & PTO (Optional)

Front 3-Point Hitch & PTO (optional)

Use a wide range of attachments with the optional front 3-point hitch with PTO. The size of the front PTO is 1,000 rpm (1⅜", 21 spline). The front hitch on all models features a lift capacity of 8,818 lbs (4,000 kg).

Front-end loader

The specially designed front-end loader on the Nemesis makes any big job feel easy. Loader options include a 102" (2,591 mm) bucket and mechanical self-levelling system to help maintain balance and control. Get more work done with an impressive lift capacity of 5,490 lbs (2,490 kg) and maximum lift height of 181" (4.6 m). For operator convenience, the loader functions are controlled by an electric joystick and loader operation can be adjusted through the cab display monitor.
Versatile Nemesis with Loader

Advanced Hydraulics

Hydraulic performance can be monitored using the cab display and effortlessly controlled using hydraulic levers. The hydraulic system comes with a 31 gpm (120 L/min) hydraulic pump and three EHR valve sections as standard. The hydraulic configuration can be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of jobs on the farm.

Available hydraulic options include

  • High flow hydraulic system
    • Five valve sections at 42 gpm (160 L/min) (175, 195, and 210)
    • Six valve sections at 48 gpm (180 L/min) (235 and 255)
  • Trailer Brakes
  • Power Beyond
  • ¾" return coupler
  • Case drain
  • Pressure and sensing couplers

Service & Maintenance

Make every second count with the Nemesis. The mid-range tractor comes with easy to access service points and a conveniently located dipstick to check engine oil levels. The sight gauges for the hydraulic oil, transaxle, washer fluid and coolant are accessible and visible from ground level. Daily maintenance and routine service extends tractor life, maximizes uptime and lowers operating costs.

Versatile Ease of Maintenance

Weight Packages

The Nemesis can be customized to meet specific working conditions with a range of available weight packages. Adding the right amount of weight where required helps improve traction and stability.

Available weight packages

  • Front Weight - 44 x 66 lbs (20 x 30 kg)
  • Front Weight - 33 x 66 lbs (15 x 30 kg)
  • Front Weight - 22 x 66 lbs (10 x 30 kg)
  • Rear Weight Large Hub - 22 x 86 lbs (10 x 39 kg)
  • Rear Weight Small Hub - 22 x 86 lbs (10 x 39 kg)
  • Pickup Weight - QBLOQ 1,323 lbs (600kg)
  • Pickup Weight - QBLOQ 1,984 lbs (900kg)


The Nemesis is well-equipped with standard features. The following options are available to further enhance the tractor:


  • ZF CVT (optional on 175, 195, 210)


  • Additional hydraulic remotes
    • Five remotes (175, 195, 210)
    • Six remotes (235, 255)
  • Power Beyond
    • Additional set of ½" couplers (pressure and sensing)
    • Case drain, ⅜" flat face coupler
    • ¾" low pressure return coupler
  • Multiple high flow hydraulic options available
  • Trailer brakes

Lighting Packages

  • 12 Halogen cab lights
  • 12 LED cab lights, 30,000 lumens
  • Six LED chassis lights, 15,000 lumens
  • Rotating beacons

Drawbar, Hitch & PTO

  • Heavy-duty Category III drawbar (2" wider, ¼" thicker)
  • Front 3-point hitch and PTO (requires high flow hydraulics and variable pitch reversing engine fan)
  • Quick hitch
  • Rear open hooks
  • Rear 3-point hitch lift capacity of 8,800 kg (235, 255)


  • Suspended cab (requires suspended front axle)
  • Semi-active heated fabric seat
  • Heated and ventilated leather package seats and steering wheel
  • Satellite radio
  • Auto-temp controls

Additional Options

  • Front-end loader and bucket
  • Optional ground speed of 31 mph (50 km/h)
    • Requires Suspended Cab and Front Suspended Axle with Differential lock
  • Bar axle 118"
  • Variable pitch reversing engine fan
  • Weight packages
  • ISOBUS ready connection harness
  • Universal Auto-Steer
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