Nemesis Models 175-210

Versatile Nemesis

The new tractor from Versatile has been designed and developed with a special focus on superior value, performance, and operator experience. The Nemesis is powered by an industry leading Cummins Stage V compliant B6.7 (Stage V) engine and powershift transmission supplied by ZF. The three horsepower ratings available are 175 hp, 195 hp, and 210 hp.

The engineering team at Versatile has designed a tractor that satisfies the needs of farmers with a sleek design, premium options and excellent features. The Nemesis is equipped with the largest tractor cab in the segment providing ideal visibility, reduced operator fatigue and the ultimate operator experience. Other notable features and options include an easy to understand advanced hydraulic system and a fully adjustable air suspension seat for optimal operator comfort.

Superior value, enhanced performance and partnerships with industry-leading suppliers like Cummins and ZF make the Versatile Nemesis a class leader in the segment.

Models 175 195 210
Engine Cummins B6.7 Stage V
Rated HP 170 190 210
Peak HP 195 215 220

Exterior Benefits

Versatile Nemesis Front PTO

More Attachments

The front three-point hitch & PTO provide versatility to a wide range of attachments controlled from the comfort of the cab which is also equipped with auxiliary 1/2” couplers. The three-point hitch features a lift capacity of 4,000 kg (8,818 lbs).
Versatile Nemesis Hydraulics

Advanced Hydraulics

The advanced hydraulic system can be easily controlled from the tractor cab with the standard remotes or two convenient remotes on the Multi-Functional Lever. Comes complete with a standard 120 L (32 gpm) hydraulic flow system or larger capacity 160 L (42 gpm) option.
Versatile Nemesis Optamized

Optimized Work Area

The standard lighting package on the Nemesis includes eight cab-mounted halogen lights and six hood-mounted lights for 360 ̊ of visibility. Optional LED lighting packages and rotary beacons can help further optimize your work area.
Versatile Nemesis Rugged

Designed for Rugged Operation

The front axle features a standard rigid limited slip differential. Rigid-axle with differential lock or suspended front axle with differential lock options are also available.
Versatile Nemesis Refined COntrols

Refined Controls

The rear three-point hitch can be easily hooked up and controlled from the comfort of the cab or from the rear fender. The standard hitch features a lift capacity of 7050 kg (15,543 lbs), CAT III / IIIN.

Work More & Refuel Less

Stay working in the field with a large 375 L (99 gal) fuel tank and a 35 L (9 gal) DEF tank. Access point for fuel and DEF are located together near ground level for easy and effortless fueling.
Versatile Nemesis Refuling

Easy Access

The newly designed cab increases operator comfort and functionality. Operators can enter and exit the cab multiple times a day with minimal effort. Right-handed entry door comes standard.
Versatile Nemesis Easy Access

Enhanced Power

The PTO shafts feature an ECO mode which reduces engine RPM to help increase fuel efficiency. The size of the standard PTO is 540 (1 3/8”) with a larger 1000 (1 3/4”) upgrade available.
Versatile Nemesis Power

Experience True Power

Cummins Logo Experience the power, reliability and serviceability that customers expect from Versatile. Complete with Cummins integrated emissions technology and a fuel efficient Stage V compliant Cummins B6.7 (Stage V) engine.
Versatile Nemesis Durability

Reliable & Durable

ZF Logo Experience one of the most reliable and easy to operate transmissions in the industry. The ZF TPT20 transmission (30F X 15R) is fully electronic (IRS) and features full speed matching in powershift and sync gears. The IRS provides seamless shifting between gears, shuttle shift and speed matching features.

Front-end loader

The specially designed front-end loader on the Nemesis makes any big job feel easy. The front-end loader features a mechanical self-levelling system to help maintain balance and control. Loader functions are conveniently controlled by an electric joystick located in the tractor cab. When in use, the front-end loader functions are displayed on the 10” monitor, simplifying and improving the operator experience. After a job is completed, the quick detach system on the Nemesis allows the front-end loader to be effortlessly disconnected while attachments can be quickly installed.
Versatile Nemesis with Loader


CBX Logo Analyze data, reduce downtime and increase efficiency with Versatile CBX. Owners can monitor their tractors remotely with real-time results. Information includes where units are, how they are being operated, fuel levels, maintenance alerts and more. Access to this information allows farmers to assess their equipment, plan ahead, and take control of decisions to get the most out of their tractors.

The Versatile CBX system securely shares relevant equipment information. This communication makes it possible for owners and dealers to fully understand issues, be more responsive, and have a clearer picture of machine history. This results in quicker service and solutions - reducing and preventing downtime.

Interior Benefits

Versatile Nemesis Luxury

Experience Luxury

The largest tractor cab in the segment helps provide enhanced operator comfort, excellent visibility and reduced operator fatigue. Semi-active suspended cab options are available to further improve operator experience during long days in the field.
Versatile Nemesis Entertainment

Entertainment & Comfort

The intuitive layout of personal comfort controls help improve operator experience. The radio controls are conveniently located next to the A/C controls, heated mirrors, and exterior light panel.
Versatile Nemesis Loader View

Superior Loader View

The fixed glass sunroof provides a clearer view of the loader during operation. The sun shade can be positioned to reduce the amount of radiant heat coming into the cab if the sunroof view is not needed.
Versatile Nemesis Simplicity

Simplicity Is The Key

The logical layout of the armrest controls allow equipment operators to easily navigate the system and operate the Nemesis. The armrest controls incorporate the advanced hydraulic system, three-point hitch controls and other features/options.
Versatile Nemesis Fingertip Control

Everything At Your Fingertips

The Multi-Functional Lever is unique to Versatile and allows for increased functionality and improved operator control. The lever incorporates headland management, three-point hitch control, auto steer engagement, and two controls for the rear remote hydraulic system.
Versatile Nemesis PTO Selection

Effortless Selection

The rear PTO is equipped with Standard/ECO (Economy) mode for both 540 and 1000 settings. Standard/ECO mode selections are conveniently located on the right rear corner.
Versatile Nemesis Power Supply

Stay Fully Charged

The multi-port power supply is located at the rear of the cab. The outlets provide power for an extra monitor, USB style chargers, and an A/C plug for laptops or other devices.
Versatile Nemesis Comfort

Reduced Clutter

Keep your tractor clean and stay organized with convenient storage spaces and device holders located throughout the cab. Additional storage options are located behind the training seat.
Versatile Nemesis Upgraded Comfort

Upgraded Comfort

The air suspension seat is fully adjustable for increased comfort. Optional heated/cooled seats, leather seats, and semi-active suspended cab options provide the ultimate operator experience.
Versatile Nemesis Mobility

Improved Convenience & Mobility

The steering column incorporates many functions for better mobility such as tilt and telescoping adjustments. The operator display also seamlessly provides essential tractor information and important warning systems.

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