Self-Propelled Sprayer SX280

Vesatile SX280 Sprayer

The Versatile line of self-propelled sprayers builds on the success of the past and was fully developed and engineered by Versatile. Manufactured by Versatile in Willmar, Minnesota, the new Versatile Self-Propelled Sprayers represent the evolution of Versatile and set the benchmark for features, operator comfort and convenience.

Model SX280
Engine Cummins QSB6.7
Rated HP 280
Peak HP 291

HQ Cab

The new HQ Cab is the largest in the self-propelled sprayer industry. The design includes 4 cu m (140 cu ft) of volume area, and 7.18 sq m (73.5 sq ft) of expansive glass for unmatched visibility. The cab provides the operator with the feeling of space, allowing near 360 degrees of visibility. The new armrest-mounted console controls are well marked, easy to understand and comfortable to operate. The new hand accelerator control has fingertip boom height and wing tip control and makes the machine easy to operate.

Cab Environment

Cab Environment
Large multi-directional vents optimize comfort and help create an ideal cab environment. A carbon charcoal cab air recirculation filter gives operators piece of mind during application season.

The large 4-post cab with curved glass throughout minimizes noise to a very comfortable level.

Versatile SX280 Cab

A conveniently located stereo and high quality sound system help make long days in the cab more enjoyable.

Operator Seat
The operator seat has a 32 degree swivel range to maximize visibility. Air ride suspension and a heated seat are standard in the cab. A comfortable training seat is standard in the cab. The seat has storage underneath and folds down to hold a laptop.

Dash Console
The redesigned dash console is narrower than previous versions to increase forward visibility. The steering console has standard tilt and telescopic operation to provide additional operator comfort. A newly designed dash display simplifies information for improved readability.


ProAction-Flex® Boom
Versatile self-propelled sprayers boast an impressive boom system with an extreme-duty design. The boom was built with the most efficient strength-to-weight lattice-style construction. The rugged centre section is ideally balanced due to the high centre mount pivot location. The ProAction-Flex® boom was designed to ensure your sprayer performs where it matters most. The full boom suspension utilizes a tandem tube rubber torsion system, anchored to an advanced parallel boom linkage.

With the ProAction-Flex Boom, you’re able to tilt and/or lock the full length of the boom in place, keeping it parallel with the terrain while maintaining proper distance from the spray tip to target. In fact, it’s so strong and finely balanced; you can turn at speed without it dipping into the crop.

Full range of boom sizes and compositions are available; 90’, 100’, 120’ steel and 120’ aluminum. The 120' Aluminum Boom is constructed of high-strength, aluminum tubing. The boom is lightweight providing even more stabilization for the most accurate product application.

UltraGlide AutoBoom XT
The optional UltraGlide AutoBoom XT system is designed to provide automated boom height adjustment for sprayer booms using ultrasonic sensors along with advanced boom positioning capabilities built into the node to determine boom position. The state-of the-art hydraulic system adjusts pressures in the tilt AND center section roll, and boom wing tilt cylinders to keep the boom more stable to the target height while adjusting for chassis movement = best application accuracies! The XT system is ideal for pre- emergence and post-emergence applications in challenging terrain.

The following highlight several component areas and functions unique to the XT option, specific areas include:

  • 2 Hydraulic cylinders on leveling beam
  • Center section roll sensor
  • XT Product Node
  • Epro II and Viper 4 Calibration Screens
  • Full Boom Hyd. Tilt-Disabled


The SX280 feature the advanced MaxTorque® two-wheel mechanical drive system. Its superior power-to-the-ground mechanical drive operates at lower RPMs than hydrostatic drives, providing a level of fuel efficiency that will literally save you thousands of dollars each year.

Allison Transmission Logo A heavy-duty 5-speed Allison automatic transmission provides seamless and responsive shifting. The Allison transmission allows for speeds up to 35 mph (57 km/h). A locking torque converter helps reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency. The machine can be operated using the foot-throttle or hand-accelerator and, combined with cruise control, make this self-propelled sprayer among the easiest in the industry to operate.

Cummins Logo The QSB6.7L Cummins engine powers the SX280 providing 280 hp. The sprayer produces an impressive 760 ft-lb of torque at 1800 rpm. The Cummins VGT improves the engines responsiveness and delivers more low speed torque. A diesel particulate filter and exhaust gas recirculation system allows the sprayer to meet emission standards without the use of an additional fluid.

A hydraulic locking JCB differential and efficient gear drive drop boxes are used to further increase power-to-the-ground performance of the SX280.


Two product tank options are available:

  • 1000 gallon (3785 L) poly tank with 100 gallon (378 L) supplemental rinse tank
  • 1200 gallon (4540 L) stainless steel tank with an integrated 120 gallon (454 L) rinse tank

The stainless steel and poly tank were designed specifically for proper mounting onto the frame rails, and C channel frame design of the SX280 to hold the tanks securely in place at all times. The 100 gallon (378 L) black poly rinse tank is conveniently molded to interlock with the main poly tank to save space and improve function.

Front Entry / Fill Station
Refueling and electric access
Storage and load station lighting
3" Front Fill option

Front Entry The new folding front entry access ladder drops to just 16" (40 cm) off the ground making access easy. Disengaging the parking brake lifts the ladder into a field-ready position for clear visibility ahead position.

Dual rear tire configurations for 320/90 R50 and 380/90 R46 tire/wheel sizes with new JCB rear drop legs. Available for 22" and 30" tire spacing.

Fill Station The operator/product load station is well-labeled with large clear instructional decals and logical valve orientations. All points easily accessible from the ground for safety and to reduce refill time.

Versatile SX280 Sprayer

Refueling and Electric Access A retractable ladder has been included on the right side of the machine for easy fuel filling. The ladder stores and unlatches easily and has been built for easy access to the 130 gallon (492 L) fuel tank and to the right hand swing out cab panel that conceals the dual batteries and other electrical components 12V boost points, and the full battery disconnect switch are conveniently located for easy access from ground level.

Versatile SX280 Sprayer

Storage and Load Station Lighting A convenient operating light illuminates the load station area for efficient use in low light conditions Two new large storage compartments provide space for protective clothing, gloves, foam concentrate, spray tips and spare parts etc.

Versatile SX280 Sprayer

3" Front Fill Option provides easy access for those that prefer to tender from vehicles positioned off the front of the sprayer versus the side.

Beneficial for quicker refills, easier access with booms folded out in field position and to allow tendering unit to remain on solid ground versus in the field.

The option includes the 3” valve with male fitting and cap, and a very convenient air blow-out purge to completely push the liquid into the product tank for a drip free release at the coupling.

Versatile SX280 Sprayer


The hood unlatch and handle are conveniently located to the rear of the hood underside, and accessible beside the cab walkway for easy operation. The hood lifts up, forward and away from the engine compartment to provide unhindered access to all serviceable components. Latching of the hood is an equally effective operation.

Versatile SX280 Sprayer

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